Welcome, Im Seth Van De Riet and I'm very glad you searched out this site! I am so grateful for this amazing journey of life mastery we are all on together. I dedicate the healing work I do to all of you! All those powerful creators, manifesting dreams in every moment! Life on life's terms can be daunting, but learning to love and respect oneself enough to leave toxins like abuse, or suffering, or pain behind and embrace Joy and Peace as a way of life can magically dissolve the daunting energy and replace it with pure joy. The secret lies in knowing How. Once you know that you are truly free. Come experience our amazing healing system and learn How.

Seth Van De Riet's Bio:

     Whether you are seeking me out for Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine through my clinic Satori Healthcare Clinic, or for counseling on overcoming life tragedies and reclaiming yourself after trauma or abuse, or perhaps you seek to know the deep joy and peace profound of life-mastery through Tai Chi, Kung Fu, or Alchemy , you are making a great choice in your life to own your power and rise up from whatever has crushed you in life.  

     I, like many of you, have been utterly crushed in life.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  Yet, I have risen up to heal and help others.  Because of this I know, I can definitely help you!  Regardles of what is destroying your happiness and joy and sapping your lifeforce away, I can help you.  Not only to rise up and heal thyself, but to RISE HIGHER and eventually heal others with your new tools, understanding, and referrals.  

I have gone from being a homeless and alone streetkid, to being an outlaw biker and drug dealer, to a substance abuse specialist, to an apprentice with a Chinese master for 20 years,  to a top rated national practitioner of Oriental Medicine with some truly unbelieveable vistas in between!  I have seen highs and lows and peaks and valleys like few can imagine, and become able to completely identify with the beauty in life and release all of the past as simply, "the old story.".  I have been lecturing and sharing my story in high school auditoriums and alternative school hallways; in hospital drug rehab wards as a counselor and advocate, and in the streets on skidrow in America and abroad.  I am one of the few who has walked a mile in their shoes, and I dont fear to tread there to offer them help.  

     I have been guided through it all by some great, amazing teachers, mentors, and masters who helped me to grow and to learn on levels I never imagined were possible to exist on!  I owe so much to my teachers in College and my Mentors in substance abuse counseling and to my masters in the martial arts and my masters in my alchemical and esoteric and hermetic studies.   In 1995 I was blessed to have won the Master Student of The Nation Award by Houghton Mifflin publishing and my essay "What is a Master Student" was published in subsequent issues of their Becoming A Master Student college course textbooks.  In my daily life I honor these beautiful people with every patient I can help to heal and every addict I can help to recover, or every soldier or Police or Sherrif's officer I can help train to release trauma and heal from repeated exposure to violence, or even every prisoner transistioning back into society after a hard life lesson.  In the end I have embodied my master's teachings and found that indeed, Judgement of others is the most violent thing we as humans regularly do to each other. There are ways to simply accept that each and every human is on a path of self discovery and self healing.  Therefore no judgement of them is needed.  They are simply responsible for their creations along the way, as are we.  Hence some will learn harder life lessons, some easier.  No Judgement is necessary.  We all simply must own it.  

    All of these, from the Cops to the prisoners, from the masters to the mentors, from the addicts to the celebrities, millionaires and billionaires, from the homeless on skid row to the homeless living off of the trash that tourists drop over the edge of the Great Wall of China, who live at the base of the Great Wall, Yes, I have treated them all.  And All of them are my teachers.  

Going from a troubled kid into a powerful and loving healer, I have seen the best and the worst imagineable sides of humanity, and come to embrace and accept it all.  But, I  also have gathered amazing techniques for neutralizing toxicity in relationships, work, and health without being overcome by others creations for which they ARE NOT TAKING responsibility!  This is so key!  This secret allows you to peacefully neutralize anything or anyone that attempts knowingly or subconsciosly to destroy or harm your joyful existence and peaceful life here on planet earth! Correctly using these tools for simply releasing once and for all those things which are destructive and violent to your joy and peace in life is a magical display of power, cultivation, and mastery.   This I teach in clinic and at our classes locally, around the country, and internationally in our Alchemical Mastery Courses.  These combine my system of tai chi and qi gong healing and acupuncture and oriental medicine with proven methods for leaving your past trauma and pain far behind you and stepping fully into the light of truth and joy.  These are taught in one-on-one, group, and retreat settings.


     Oscar Wilde said "Every Saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.".  As i have candidly shared here with you, I am no different. The contrasts between my past and my current self are so stunning that they are often hard to rectify...And this simple fact should give YOU the courage to come join us and face that exact thing you think you cannot face!  Because if I can change, anyone can change!   You are no different.  We are the same.  When we release judgement, we are all the same.  I have shared how i went from a criminally minded, terrified, surviving teen and young adult with a rap sheet and baggage and trauma galore to a happy, joyous, and free healer completely free from all of that and living a life of turning lead into gold in any scenario imagineable.  No longer does anyone need to live a lfe of fear, doubt, and lack and be in survival mode perpetually.  What a wasted and tragically sad way to live.   This is the greatest gift I offer to you all.   The secret to doing this.  It is so powerrful and so unstoppable and it always works, on every level.  

 No matter what in life has crushed and destroyed you or brought you to your knees, I can guarantee you that I can shed light on your situation that can take you to a level of deep abiding joy and peace profound, and i can guarantee you that if you will sit and ponder what i can share with you that has been passed directly to me from other great teachers and masters, you can also undertake to become the master that you already truly are.  From your greatest despair I will begin the process of rebuilding 'the you' and 'the life' you truly desire to live...The one of abundant peace and joy and health.  


     No matter what label you have been stuck with, forget it.  No matter what history you have suffered, we can make it your badge of honor.  No matter what you have seen manifest into your life from thin air to utterly decimate you, we can turn it to gold.  I will personally show you how.  These are the secrets of the greatest masters, and you are one of them.  


    SO, WHO IS SETH VAN DE RIET?  Well, my existencce here is a fascinating adventure of life on life's terms, but basically, my Bio is simple.  I accepted that I am human but also, much more. I am also a powerful creator of sorts with a spark of divinity, like everyone else!   I believe my life's work and life experiences can help some to prove to themselves that alchemical transmutation is not a myth, but it definitely is legend!

A quick overview from a magazine in Aspen can be read here:



     Basically put, for 20 years, I have trained and apprenticed under a legendary chinese master of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and a secret qi-gong based Acupuncture system of unbelievable power.  The effects changed me forever.  The only true father I ever knew was this master who took me under his wing and gave me his whole system, without ever judging me or my past or any of my mistakes in life!  Can you imagine?!   "A greater love than this hath no man, than he would lay down his life for his friends".  Although my Sifu never laid down his life in the way we were taught this saying means, he laid it bare for me...he lived his life in front of me... openly and with dignity and respect, and then graciously also laid bare anything I asked him to learn.    (I owe everything to you Sifu.  I am humbled and honored.  Thank You.).  I also underwent a simultaneous 20 year apprenticeship in an ancient society for alchemists practicing physical laboratory, as well as mental alchemy and transmutation techniques for turning mental and emotional challenges to gold, as well as creating great arcane elixirs and formulas for healing.  We use these elixirs in our clinics to profound effect.


Below are a few Bullet Points of my Bio which give a glimpse into my journey of life and what it has enabled me to offer.  All of these humanitarian efforts are born of some type of trauma or tragedy that many of us have been through or are going through now or are close to someone who is.  Hence, this very human condition called life is one which provides us opportunities to create or destroy, and to create again.  

"Every Dark thing one falls into can be called an initiation.  The one who pulls out of the dark places becomes the Medicine Man, and the one who stays in it is a sick person."  --Marie Louise Von Franz, (protege of Carl Gustav Jung who is considered the father of Alchemy-based psychology)


 (Note: written in 3rd person for emphasis.  Not professionally edited, please excuse any redundancy, grammatical or syntax errors.)

-Seth Van De Riet, began life as an adopted, abused, and abandoned child bounced from broken home to foster homes and back again and eventually was on the streets and his own, for good, at 15 years old; he turns out to today be an advocate and supporter for abused and abandoned children the world over (see Filmmaker Patricia Bukur's Nepal Project for abused and abandoned children).

Seth is also an advocate for programs against child abuse.  Also an advocate for NOT spanking in schools or anywhere else, and he advocates strongly for you to know the facts because a narcissistic abusive parents will attempt to spend their entire lives denying the facts and trying to convince everyone that the abused child was always defective or mentally ill and attempting to label them to justify their physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuses. In fact it is scientificaly proven these abuses actually cause the labels in question to develop and then leave the abused to a lifetime of healing and balancing which is almost as traumatic as the original abuse.  

Seth has tried and true methods for rapidly healing these issues and returning a person to a healthy state while accurately addressing the proper referrals necessary medically and working simultaneously with other doctors to heal the issues.  Just what if the Bible were wrongly translated and printed by a medieval scribe and the correct translation should say:  "Spare the rod, OR YOU WILL spoil the child." as in DON'T use the rod or you WILL RUIN the child.    

Get some facts here:http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/health/story/2012-06-28/spanking-mental-problems/55964610/1


Seth is a staunch supporter of ACON (adult children of narcissists), and has several other resources for those who suffered traumas of all kinds from those sworn to care for, nurture, and protect them, as well as the other narcissists they ultimately create or attract into their lives.   For more info and help if you suspect you were reared in an abusive home and/or have had severe trouble adapting to or understanding healthy social cues and relationships, please click here:http://www.zimbio.com/Domestic+Violence+Awareness/articles/nzZNb3Ke-P_/Surviving+Narcissistic+Family+Extraordinary



-Seth Van De Riet, A former hardcore biker and high school dropout, transformed himself first into a substance abuse advocate and counselor with teenagers in a 6 week in-patient residential treatment facility (at a hospital in the Aspen area in 1993.).  Next into a "Master Student of the Nation" during his first year of college (1995 Houghton Mifflin Publishing Award).  And then again into a Master of Science of Oriental Medicine (MSOM) with a lot of very interesting vistas along the way. (In medical school staff referred to Seth on occasion as a prodigy, though he emphasized he was not.  He trained very hard and committed his life to pursue his passion of healing and transforming suffering with patients in clinic.) 

A great example from a testimonial can be found here at this wonderfully titled website Absurd Grace:



     -Seth Van De Riet has developed a customized protocol for releasing trauma with severely traumatized patients including a specific type of release geared for Homecoming soldiers returning from war.  Seth actively supports the groundbreaking work of Purple Star Veterans and Families organization and it's co-founder John Henry Parker who is redefining the educational and treatment bar acceptable for our homecoming vets.  Mental Illness and Mental Injury are NOT the same thing but can present similar symptoms.  A motorcycle wreck resulting in head injury, a fight resulting in an undiagnosed TBI, and concussion resulting from football can all lead to eventual development of mental illness type symptomology.  This does not make one Bi-Polar!  Though it can exacerbate as emotional stress and adrenal fatigue wear on and on and on day after day, year after year.  Again, the desperate need for a seriously revised psychatric system autonomous of drug company comes to the fore.  But in lieu of this we could settle for a DSM V that is significantly more enlightened as to what constitutes mood disorders and what is actually injury.  Accurate diagnosis and treatment in medicine is sorely lacking.  This is yet another reason in my system of Oriental Medicine we have a rule: "Results are verification. Period.".

     " "Leave No Man Behind" doesn't just apply to the battlefield.", John told me,   "There is an annual rate of suicide higher than the entire number of fatalities in the current war's entire duration.  And it happens mostly AFTER the soldiers return home.".  (see statistics at link below)

     That is definitely leaving a LOT of men and women behind if we do not step up to educate EVERYONE about suicide and trauma of all kinds, not just PTSD.  Warriors are always traumatized by the things they must endure on the battlefield of war and of life.  Tools to survive, process, and thrive are imperative and the old tools are not working if this many are dying.  The drugs and 'trashcan' psychiatric diagnoses rarely even treat symptoms effectively.  [If you wish to judge my tone, judge carefully considering that a major side effect of many psychiatric drugs for depression with suicidal thoughts with or without intent, is...suicide.  If you or your loved one have ever experienced a severe side effect of these drugs, you will see why many practitioner of medicine use this term.].    Thankfully, collaborative efforts to devise new systems are well underway and succeeding due to both Seth Van De Riet's system and www.purplestarfamilies.org , and several other profound systems coming together and choosing to head "back to the front" lines of mental trauma to truly "Bring Them Home!".  If you serve, are coming home, scared to death and are planning to use the "bunker down" method to cope, please contact the link.  WE ABSOLUTELY CAN and WILL help you.  No matter what!  


     If you know someone serving, home already, or families of service members, send them the link to purple star.  You very well may save a life by clicking send.  Many patients or spouses or siblings ask in exasperation, "Am I my brother's keeper?"  "YES." is the resounding answer, and those abandoned by a brother or sister know the pain and trauma that has pushed many to the brink.  They do their best with what they have, but they haven't got enough to handle their own mental health let alone someone coming home after a war or severe trauma in life.  Be there best by offering the best help that you can find, not merely the status quo.  And above all...for heaven's sake...judge not.  Judgement is very violent.  Warriors have intimately known enough violence.  


     -Seth Van De Riet has developed and instituted a program of training specific to the needs of law enforcement and offers Acupuncture, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong training as well as psychological and emotional training to Police and Sheriff's departments of 6 counties (Pitkin, Eagle, Garfield, Gunnison, Montrose, and Delta) to provide skills unique to their levels of service and confrontation.  Yet, this program is non-violent and extremely effective at not only curtailing violence with minimal force, but simultaneously harnessing the opportunity to plant positive seeds of reinforcement with perpetrators in the very fertile ground of their current 'rock bottom' life experience, for rehabilitation and life change.  These techniques prove to be truly alchemical in the transformative process for perpetrators and civilians alike, and are born of kindness not violence, which enhances the efficacy and decreases chances of recidivism for those very human mistakes people make, just being humans.  Under such duress this type of presence exhbited by these officers is proving remarkable to the communities.  It is a radical departure from the "CNN addiction" media hype being propogated daily.

     With suicide rates amongst Police being staggeringly high, this type of peace and joy in the service they do and the ability to relinquish the ego and bravado that so often is necessary to survive a day in the life of law enforcement, the officers come away feeling stronger, not weaker.  More in control, not less.  And their work life is only the beginning.  Being able to create joyful and peaceful home environments of nurturing and love are side effects many report.  Overall, life is good!  Satori Healthcare is putting the "Peace" back in "Peace Officer".


     -Seth Van De Riet has developed an extremely effective and unique Anger Management Program and method based upon a fusion of CBT(cognitive behavior therapy), DBT(dialectical behavior therapy), Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Mental Alchemy Techniques, and Trauma Release techniques.  This system is proving to be so effective that talks are evolving on ways for Seth to enter INTO the jail and prison populations to provide treatments to those at the rock bottom level of their lives with addictions and emotional issues, and to plant the seeds of joy, change, and accountability.  Seth often jokes that he spent much of his life trying not to go to jail and now he is trying to get in.  However, the seriousness of the issue of emotional mastery and anger management is one that as our cultures speed up and demand more and more in narcissistic and entitled ways of each other, each and every one of us must spend some energy on mastery of our emotional selves.  As a former street kid, ex-biker, and lifelong martial artist Seth has been blessed to have purified these parts of himself and walks the systems he teaches.


     So there is a glimpse of Seth, the person.  I Am a poweful creator, just like you.  100% responsible for every one of my creations, just like you.  Having suffered tragedy, just like you and triumph also, just like you.  But, as soon as I embodied it all, I was completely overwhelmed! Once the secrets my master had taught me were unlocked with this 'skeleton key' , I was brought to my knees once again, but not in the deepest pain and despair known to man this time... rather, in the deepest gratitude imagineable.  And now, that is the beginning and end to every day I live;  And in between it is filled with a joy beyond compare.  But the best part is, you dont have to convert to any religion to have this!  It is free and abundant.  I wish you all this great happiness with all of my heart.  Use the links to learn more about what I teach if you are interested.

     If you have any questions or desire to have me lecture at your event, speak at your gathering, or teach a seminar or demonstration of Tai Chi and Kung Fu at your location or at our private retreat center, please use the email me buttons and info buttons on any site that appeals to you most.  








If you desire to book an appointment for healing at either location in Aspen or Glenwood Springs please call 970-984-4545.  

     Retreat dates at DragonHaven Retreat are by invite only and although it is a retreat training center for practitioners of medicine and business owners, we currently offer 2 limited retreats annually to the public and you are encouraged to apply regardless of profession.  

We especially encourage anyone suffering terminal illnesses to apply for the Wizard's Transition Transmutation Training.  Use the info link on the HTTP://dragonhavenretreat.com site.

Many blessings and May Peace Profound Surround You,

Seth Van De Riet , MSOM

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